Self Confidence and Business

 Undoubtedly, a person should do what he does not have to regret after doing it. Incomplete work is considered as an argument for laziness and failure. In order to start any work in a cheerful manner, one should do it oneself, while the first condition for success is self-confidence and courage is the most important for success. And time demands. The same goes for business, which requires more attention because it involves your capital and hope. There is a lot of speculation before starting a business and then reaching a conclusion and formulating a strategy on how to start a business and how to run it. There are different types of businesses such as manufacturing and selling products, providing services, doing retail business, distribution, and so on. Here are some helpful tips from new business leaders from leading companies around the world:

 First of all, you need to make sure that you don't just have a unique idea to do business, but that you have the passion for the business you want to start and that you are passionate about doing it. For this, you have to work hard every day and not get discouraged in any difficult time. Consider what motivates you and you are naturally excited about it. Find good people who can help you. Connect your passion to the way you live your life. In the end, it means you want to make your dreams come true and are willing to use your abilities to do so. Life is too short to know what you care about, so make time for some fun activities. This is the secret of happiness but it is really difficult. Some people say that you should find out what you are good at and then do the same thing. Some say do what you want to do while others believe to see what is needed in the market, estimate it and try to fill the gap. However, the problem with advice in all of this is that if you are good at something but don't have the money, what will you do? Likewise, if you are good at something but not passionate about doing it. Or if you run a business based solely on market needs, you probably won't be able to run it for long because you don't enjoy it. That's why startups need to have a place for all three. A smart 'Plan A' should be formulated by blending these issues. 

How can you use your power to fulfill your desires while keeping an eye on the realities around you? You will need to set up a better strategy. For example, I like writing and I am good at it but it is very difficult to make money from it. So I integrated this skill/strength into a field where market realities are more favorable (business). Wait for the moment when your heart and mind are clear about making tough decisions. Secondly, you should always follow great people from whom you want to learn something in your career. I have been very fortunate to have learned from so many wonderful people. Remember that millionaires have at least seven different sources of income. However, to get started, find out what you were interested in between the ages of 6 and 18. If you liked writing, you might be able to publish a book. 

If you are interested in stocks then think about finance. If you love computers, think about coding. I think at the age of 10 our emotions grow beautifully with us but we often forget them. College and university students should try all kinds of new things. Don't stop thinking that you have to do certain things. Also, read articles you have never heard of. Join groups that take you out of your comfort zone. Focus on establishing connections as well as studying in college. It's also a skill that comes in handy in professional life. So talk to people and meet your professors. I think ten years ago I would have told myself to worry less. My focus was so much on my work and company that I stopped looking around and enjoying life. But now, at the end of all the hard work, I am so thankful that I worked so hard. Learn to be T-shaped. You should be able to come up with many things but master one thing clearly. You have to work day and night on the same thing for years to become an expert in one job. Spend more time writing and thinking than reading. It is good to combine your work and hobbies, which means you enjoy your work all the time.


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