The Word Muslim And Islamophobia

 On Sunday, October 10, during their first T20 World Cup cricket match in Dubai, India lost by ten wickets in a match against Pakistan. Former Indian cricketers and other personalities have expressed concern.

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag has said that the attacks on Mohammad Shami are unfortunate. Indian bowler Mohammad Shami was criticized by Indian fans for his performances, so much so that his name topped the list of Twitter trends. "The attacks on Mohammad Shami are shocking, we are with him," he said. He is a champion and whoever wears an Indian cape has India in his heart more than any online crowd. He added, "I am with you in Syria, show yourself in the next match."

 The growing hatred against Muslims in our beloved homeland and the growing incidence of extremism in secular India is no secret today. After Pakistan's victory and India's defeat in their first T20 World Cup match in Dubai on Sunday, many Indians took to social media platforms to vent their anger on India's fast bowler Mohammad Shami, a Muslim who had given 43 runs in his 3.5 overs.

Almost all of us are aware of the fact that under Islamophobia, for the last few years, even in our beloved country India, there have been attempts to incite the majority class against Islam and Muslims, causing fear in the hearts of non-Muslims in the name.

Islamophobia is a modern word that has been coined to defame Muslims and Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and teaches peace, therefore it is called the cradle of peace.

If we look at history, we will see that the conquest of Makkah was the greatest victory of the Muslims. On this occasion, our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) set a high example of peace by forgiving his enemies and showing the world that Islam is a peaceful religion. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the mercy of the world Are In Surah Al-Anbiya, verse 82, God says: O Prophet, We have sent you as a mercy to all the worlds. Also cares, why to be afraid of that religion in the end".  As far as the biggest cause of Islamophobia is concerned, it is the growing popularity of Islam in different countries. So what is the fault of Muslims in this? 

Therefore, in order to turn away from the teachings of Islam, efforts are already being made to create hatred of Islam in the hearts of human beings so that they stay away from the teachings of Islam. We request all human beings not to learn Islam from TV channels and various social media platforms but to study Islamic books, read Islamic history, then the truth will become clear. It is a fact that victory in a game is always lost, whoever wins today loses tomorrow and in any game, there is nothing to do with religion and caste. 


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