The Remorse For Sins, But The Desire Does Not Go Away

 The believer continues to wage struggle against the self for the rest of his life, which is the Best Struggle. Sometimes the nafs(Soul) overpowers the believer and sometimes the believer subdues the nafs(Soul). In fact, it is an unstoppable struggle. That is why the Holy Prophet used to seek refuge from the evil of the soul on the occasion of Friday sermons. The nafs(Soul) is aware of man's weakness and usually imposes it on the human soul through this weakness. There is a sweetness in sin which deprives man of the pleasure of worship. Many sins destroy man's hereafter but at the same time in their worldly life, There are deadly effects. 

Almighty, the Lord of Glory, tests His beloved and close servants through various sufferings, but because of these sufferings, the believing servant does not turn away from the Lord but is closer to Allah. Taste increases in worship. Blessings are created in humility. The thought of the Hereafter enters the heart of man. But when sins are caught by Allah Almighty, the sinful man is scattered. His steps lead to drugs, to immoral ways. When a servant is in trouble, he needs to focus on self-improvement, because it is the work of the hands of human beings, the reward of which They are getting Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And whatever misfortune befalls you is because of what your hands have earned, and He forgives much.” (Quran). The good deeds of the whole worldly life depend on the end of man. 
The only person who can achieve victory over the self is the one whose heart is "sound".The recognition of the known and the unknown, the knowledge of truth and falsehood, the distinction between halal and haraam depends on the life of the heart. The Shari'ah texts prove that the life of the heart is hidden in the remembrance of Almighty. When the servant turns away from the Lord of Glory, the life of the heart slowly begins to disappear. The bottom line is that many sins darken the heart. Debt must be repaid. In the same way, when a person goes astray in disobedience to Almighty, the Lord of Glory.
 Knowledge is not safe in the sinful heart. Knowledge is the light of God Almighty, for the protection of which the heart must be free from evil. Beneficial knowledge can be useful only when the believer is aware of minor and major denials and prohibition. Many sins injure the soul as well as the body. When human beings and violate the limits of divine law, then the earth becomes the enemy and the sky also becomes his enemy.


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