Your Grave Is The Travelling Destination Of The World

The world and its reality are obvious to all of us human beings. No matter what religion, nationality, color, race, language, dress, or region he belongs to. Every human being is well aware that after living here for a few years, the taste of death must be tasted. It is not possible for a person living in any region of the world to deny this. After the end of this short life here, however, words like 'this world is mortal' come out of the human tongue. In this way, Allah, the Lord of the worlds, makes His servant aware of this fact. The Creator of the universe made the Muslim Ummah aware of this before the time. Almighty Allah says, "What you have will perish and what Allah has will remain."

Because as a result of neglecting death, we are all lost in the colorful flowers, beautiful gardens, snow-capped mountains, glassy waterfalls, blue lakes, and airy valleys of the world. These beautiful valleys are beautiful, the gardens are decorated with fairs, the waterfalls are just part-time. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) explained the relationship between man, his desires, and death in the language of mathematics. It is narrated on the authority of Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) drew a square through the lines and drew a long line in the middle of it, which protruded a little out of the square. Draw some small lines on the right and left side of the line and say: This middle line is a man and the shape of the square is his death, which surrounds man on all sides and this is the longest line of a man extending beyond the square. There is desire, which is beyond death. Death comes, but long desires and longings never end, and these little lines on the left and right are the afflictions and diseases that befall a man. She comes and escapes from the second, then the third comes. " (Sahih Al-Bukhari) This world is just like a guest house, which is decorated with various sports spectacles and decorated as an ornament. It is in this sport and decoration that we need to know our lives in the true sense. The Almighty has said that 'the life of the world is not but the wealth of deception'. (الحدید ؛ ۲۰)

Happiness, luxury, adornment, wealth is just a test. In the same way, the sorrows, troubles, and sufferings here are just a test of what the servant of God does in all these situations. For whom does he make room in his heart? The Lord of Glory actually wants to see whether His servant leans towards the creation or towards the Creator.

Successful is the man who recognizes his true God and who knows the true purpose of his coming into the world. Such people are promised rewards for practicing Islam. They will be given a life by Allah Almighty which is a good life. The Almighty says, "Whoever is a believer, whether male or female, comes to us with a good deed, we will grant him a good life."

Faithful men and women who have a good life will become slaves to a special kind of life. Their life will be free from sins, they will have all kinds of abundance, including peace and tranquility, well-being, freedom from sorrow and trouble, good and obedient family, lawful and easy provision, love of God, followers of the Prophet (peace be upon him). These include salutations, remembrance of the heart, and gratitude. After that, it also leads to a prosperous afterlife.

Purpose Righteous deeds are lost by the love of the world, and by being too busy, the greatness of the world becomes ingrained in the heart, while faith and belief are lost in the Hereafter.

Therefore, there is a need to gradually reduce the love of the world from the heart and keep in view the reality of the world, which we have forgotten. We must never be ignorant of the real outcome. Undoubtedly, after this short life here, the Hereafter and eternal life is to come, for which we should adopt a nomadic life in this world and consider the Hereafter as our permanent abode. 


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