Mansar Lake And Sheshnag Temple

Mansar Lake  And Sheshnag Temple


Mansar Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Jammu and Kashmir. It is located 25 km away from Samba town, on the national highway NH-8. According to the records, the lake was formed about two thousand years ago. Mansar lake is classified as a lake by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Flooding in the lake occurs every year during monsoons but the lake has not flooded for more than twenty years.
The present population of Mansar Lake is mainly Hindu. The locals believe that this place was once ruled by a legendary king named Manas, who brought prosperity to his kingdom through his generosity and kindness towards his subjects. He was famous for giving each of his subjects one wish which he granted immediately upon their request at any time during their lives, without fail. This legend makes Mansar Lake one of the prime tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir.
The holy water from these holy places has been used for religious purposes like bathing, drinking water for people during famine times, etc. Also, it has been used for fighting diseases like cancer, etc. All these holy places are spread over an area of 9 km around Mansar lake - Jammu Kashmir. There are many other beautiful lakes nearby like Surinsar Lake, Surinsar-Mansar Wildlife sanctuary, etc ...etc...
There are very few roads that go around Mansar lake however they come out from different directions which makes it not easy to access it after heavy rains due to landslides on way.


Sheshnag – The Beauty and the Beast


Mansar Lake is a beautiful lake in Jammu and Kashmir, about 25 kilometers from Samba town in Jammu and Kashmir. It has captivated tourists for years with its amazing beauty. It’s not just a lake — it’s a camping spot where you can go camping or sightseeing and have a picnic. The lake is bordered by pine trees and has several islands; the most famous one is one called ‘Sheshnag Island’ which was used as an important place of worship by the Sheshnag people (a community of nomads) this area also has extensive caves near it.  The temple was constructed during the 14th century A.D. and dedicated to goddess Sheshnagdevi. If you want to go sightseeing on Mansar Lake, there are boat rides available; they cost around Rs 500 for 4 hours. The Sheshnag Temple (King Of Snakes), an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, lies at the center of the lake surrounded by tall pines. Sheeshnag Lake is considered as one of the sacred places of Kashmir Valley. Legend has it that the lake was built by Sheshnag (King of Snakes) himself. The temple has been recently renovated by local people who have undertaken its renovation work with a lot of help from DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research). There is also an interesting temple called Shishnag Temple which is located about 3 km from Mansar Lake on the way to Udhampur from Samba, where many pilgrims come at night to offer prayers to Shiva, who is believed to be present here. The Sheshnag Temple dates back more than 500 years ago and was used by local Sheshnags (a community of nomadic people who live in the hilly region near Mansar Lake). This area also has several caves near it, which were used as hideouts by nomads when they were forced out of their homes because they had no place to stay other than mountains or forests.

The Sheeshnag Temple on the east bank of Mansar Lake is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also accepted that whoever drowns in the blessed waters of Lake Mansar will be repaired and purified. This temple comprises three stories: a small single room structure built above ground level using bricks; a larger chamber underneath with an outer porch; another larger chamber below ground level with another outer porch made out of wood. The inner room was used as both chapel and prayer hall accommodating at least 15 people while others seated outside on benches performed rituals there. These rituals were performed during special occasions such as marriage ceremonies or when important guests arrived at the temple during festivals like Holi or Diwali.


Mansar Lake – A Treasure Trove of Activities for Everyone


Mansar Lake is a beautiful lake in Jammu and Kashmir. It is located about 25 kilometers from Samba town in Jammu and Kashmir, on the bypass between Samba and Udhampur. This magnificent lake is bordered by a forest of pine trees and attracts tourists both for its natural beauty and the various exciting activities on offer.

The lake can be reached via a 25 km drive from the main road leading to Udhampur. The lake is also accessible via a 2 km trail, which leads through the forest that surrounds it.

The lake has been known to have been used by people of different eras as a natural bathing facility during rainfall season; therefore, sometimes there are no clean water trails at all along the shoreline of this lake.

The Sheshnag Temple is located at the east end of the lake, facing eastward towards Samba town on one side, as well as westward towards Udhampur on the other side. This temple stands at a height of about 200 feet above ground level, making it one of the tallest temples in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mansar Lake – The Perfect Getaway


The great thing about the Sheshnag temple here is that it isn’t too far from a beautiful lake Mansar. In fact, the lake is so close that you can walk to it from Samba in about an hour.

The Sheshnag temple takes its name from the word “Shesh” which means fish and “nag” which means water. The Sheshnag temple was built by a local shepherd-king named Daud Khan Chora, in 14th century A.D at the behest of his Hindu queen who was very fond of fishing. The lake was called Helen before Daud Khan Chora acquired the lake and renamed it Mansar Lake (Mansara means “a place where fish swim”).

The lake has been regarded as a holy place for Hindus and Buddhists alike. A shrine of Bati Shri Santan Maharaj (Bati meaning saint), is located on top of a hill just outside the lake. Bati Shri Maharaj is said to have cured people with diseases like tuberculosis, leprosy, and other serious illnesses in many parts of India over several decades.

How To Reach

The nearest Aiport is Jammu International Airport. From the airport to Mansar you have to take a bus or a cab. You will go via NH44. The road length is 69.5 km from Airport to Mansar Lake. The nearest Railway Station to Mansar Lake is Sangar Railway Station which is just 10 km away.  


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