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What You Know About Mental Health

  Mental health Context If you have a  psychiatric illness, or someone you love does, you know it’s awkward to talk about. Mental and physical health are two vital strands of life that are closely interwoven and deeply interdependent. Advances in neuroscience and behavioural medicine have shown that, like many physical illnesses, mental and behavioural disorders are the result of a complex interaction between biological, psychological and social factors . Scientific evidence from the field of behavioural medicine has demonstrated a fundamental connection between mental and physical health – for instance, that depression predicts the occurrence of heart disease.

Comparison System In Our Children

Comparison is the act of comparing two or more people or things. Comparison is a natural activity, which even animals engage in when deciding, for example, which potential food to eat. Humans similarly have always engaged in comparison when hunting or foraging for food. This behavior carries over into activities like shopping for food, clothes, and other items, choosing which job to apply for or which job to take from multiple offers or choosing which applicants to hire for employment. They also tend to compare themselves and their belongings with others,