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The 5-Minute Guide to Becoming an Influential Leader

  The 5-Minute Guide to Becoming an Influential Leader -  SPECIAL REPORT By [Mushtaq Ahmad Shah] [] In this five-minute guide, we are going to answer one simple question: what makes a great leader.   Many people will think of a leader as someone who takes tight control over a team, as someone who is loud and brash, and perhaps someone who is even a little physically intimidating when the need arises!   But as you’ll see in this report, that’s actually the furthest thing there is from a “great leader.”   And if you act in this hands-on, aggressive manner, then you are only going to crush the soul out of your team and stifle any real productivity or creativity. So… Just What Is a Leader? Of course, there will be an element of taking control, and every now and then you might need to calmly let a team member know that you aren’t happy with them. But the main roles of a leader are as follows: ·        Protect the team ·        Nurt