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The Secret of Manasbal Lake

The Secret of Manasbal Lake: A blog post about how Manasbal lake is not what it seems. Manasbal lake is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Kashmir. But very few know about this lake which seems to be just like a picture postcard. It is known as the “Supreme Gem of all lakes in Kashmir“. However, the most beautiful thing about this lake is the lotuses that grow in the middle of it. Manasbal Lake's history, and  How did Manasbal lake get its name? Manasbal is a large lake in the central part of Kashmir Valley and is the source of the Jhelum River. It is about 21km long and 3km wide and is the largest lake of its type in Kashmir. The lake is known locally as Manasbal Lake and is surrounded by a large forest of poplar, maple, and walnut trees. The lake gets its name from the Manasbal mountain that overlooks it. The name was given by the great King of Kashmir, Sultan Sikander Baig Mirza who was inspired by the beauty of the lake. The lake is a habitat for many bird species, e