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Effects of Online Shopping

                                        Effects of Online Shopping Online shopping is becoming an ever-growing replacement for brick-and-mortar (local business) businesses. This change can definitely be seen as a positive progression, but it could also prove to be a great downfall. The loss of Effects of Online Shopping business can render many individuals jobless; this can hurt many people financially, and job opportunities for individuals in the labor force could drop significantly.  

The Remorse For Sins, But The Desire Does Not Go Away

 The believer continues to wage struggle against the self for the rest of his life, which is the Best Struggle. Sometimes the nafs(Soul) overpowers the believer and sometimes the believer subdues the nafs(Soul). In fact, it is an unstoppable struggle. That is why the Holy Prophet used to seek refuge from the evil of the soul on the occasion of Friday sermons. The nafs(Soul) is aware of man's weakness and usually imposes it on the human soul through this weakness. There is a sweetness in sin which deprives man of the pleasure of worship. Many sins destroy man's hereafter but at the same time in their worldly life, There are deadly effects.